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Soul of South

The Book Brahma Literature Festival celebrates the deep connection between language and culture, particularly the rich 2500-year legacy of South Indian languages (Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu) in shaping world literature. With over 700 languages spoken in India alone, South Indian literature boasts classics like “Silappadikaram” and “Ramacharitam,” and has significantly contributed 19 out of 58 Jnanpith Award winners. This inaugural event aims to unite writers, publishers, and readers on a platform that fosters interaction and celebrates the unique soul of South Indian literature.

Over Organized Exhibitions
Unique Objects Around the World
Multi media Exhibitions with a Guide
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Our Mentors

Dr Hampa Nagarajaiah
Writer, Professor
Dr Mallepuram G Venkatesh
Director, Samvit Research Foundation

Organizing Committee

  • Devu Pattar
  • Vinay Kumar J
  • Harish Nair
  • Satish Shetty Vakvady
  • Raghavendra Kanchan
  • Swathi Rao

Media Committee

  • H Bharath Kumar
  • Surabhi Shastry

Technical Committee

  • Prasanna Kumar Jain
  • Veeresha Hogesoppinavar

Festival Director

Satish Chapparike

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