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Anil Ijeri

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Anil Ijeri

Anil Ijeri is an innovative artist whose work centres on self-portraiture, using his image as a protagonist to explore the intricate relationships between humans and their environment. His art combines motifs from nature with geometric and technological cues to create a narrative that examines the human condition within the context of the surrounding world.  

Mr. Ijeri articulates, “The human condition and the environment that we are surrounded by play a major role in my work. My works are expressions and conclusions; I am focusing on four specific image bases in my work: human anatomy (male), nature, geometry, and technology. These elements come together and create my understanding and expression to the world I exist in.”  

His compositions utilize visual cues to represent emotions, balance, and the complexities of interconnections between man, nature, and the external world. Through the deliberate repetition of symbols, Mr. Ijeri constructs tensions and underlying conflicts, emphasizing interrelationships and presenting multiple perspectives.  

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