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Rudragaud I Indi

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Rudragaud I Indi

Rudragaud I Indi is a Bengaluru-based artist who began his career in 2004 after graduating from Fine Art College. Renowned for his contemporary and surrealistic style, Mr. Rudra works with various mediums including watercolour, acrylic, and mixed media.  

His artwork addresses significant socio-political issues, highlighting the lack of attention given to vital matters in modern society. His pieces often reflect the coexistence of the past and present in Indian metropolises, blending fantasy with reality. Inspired by rapid urbanization and his love for nature, Mr. Rudra’s works breathe life into the ever-evolving urban landscapes. Nature’s serenity and beauty deeply inspire him, fuelling his creativity across various forms such as contemporary art, landscapes, portraits, and sculptures. His experimentation with dimensional canvas paintings, using unconventional materials like irregular-shaped canvases, steel sheets, and unique frames, showcases his innovative approach. These distinctive works add new dimensions to his art, making them more intriguing and visually appealing.  

 Mr. Rudragaud has exhibited his works in numerous national and international exhibitions and group shows, earning admiration for his style, presentation and use of colour. He aims for art lovers to appreciate the beauty and creativity in his works while also grasping the important messages they convey.    

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