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Shivakumar Kesaramadu

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Shivakumar Kesaramadu

A dedicated educator and artist, Shivakumar Kesaramadu is a celebrated visual artist renowned for his creative paintings. He earned his Master of Visual Art from Kannada University, Hampi and currently serves as the Secretary and Principal of Ravi Varma Art Institute in Mysore.  

His artistic journey is marked by multiple awards, including the prestigious 59th National Award from Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi and has been honoured with the Avantika International Annual Award and multiple awards from All India Art Contests. His talents have also led him to serve on the jury panels of both the State Lalit Kala Academy and the National Lalit Kala Academy. His participation in national and international exhibitions, such as the All India Mysore Dasara Exhibition and the Southern Regional Art Exhibition, highlights his dynamic presence in the art world. 

Mr. Kesaramadu’s artistic philosophy grapples with the relationship between framed art and the vastness of life. He believes art is a profound expression of human creativity and imagination, whether in the form of painting or sculpture. His work emphasizes beauty and emotional power, showcasing a diverse and individualistic approach to visual expression. Specializing in abstract art, Mr. Kesaramadu employs a visual language of form and colour that exists independently of real-world references. Influenced by Western art’s perspective logic, his contemporary sensitivity and modern idiom are evident. He views abstract art as non-representational, focusing on color and form as subjects. Shivakumar Kesaramadu’s contributions to art extend beyond his canvases. His role in art education and his participation in national and international exhibitions have solidified his presence in the art world, inspiring many with his vision and dedication to creative expression. 

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