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Abdul Rasheed

Abdul Rasheed, who is the editor of the online literary magazine ‘Kendasampige’, is a program manager at Mysore Akashvani by profession. Rashid holds an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Mysore. 

Abdul Rashid is a poet, story writer and a columnist. He has published the story collections titled ‘Halu Kudida Huduga’ and ‘Pranapakshi’. Abdul Rasheed’s stories have given a unique prose to the Kannada story world. ‘Nanna Padige Nanu’ is his first poetry collection. ‘Naraka Kennaligeyanta ninna Bennahuri’ is a collection of all his poems so far. He has published books of prose writings ‘Matighoo Ache’, ‘Alemariya Dinachari’ and ‘Kalchakra’. Rashid has also written a novel called ‘Huvina Kolli’.  Rashid, travelled widely in Ireland to make documentary radio for the England’s Thamrin Foundation. He has worked for Akash Radio in Shillong for some time. He used to write columns like ‘Shillong ninda patra’ for Lankesh Patrike and ‘Kalu Chakra’ for Vijaya Karnataka newspaper.

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