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Keshav Malagi

Keshav Malagi, one of the leading Kannada storytellers, started writing in the 80s. His unique style of storytelling with intimacy has been widely accepted by the readers. His prominent published story collections are ‘Kadala Terege Dande’, ‘Magi Muvattaidu’, ‘Vennela Doresani’, ‘Akatha Katha’ and ‘Hole Badiya Belagu’. 

‘Kunkuma Bhoomi’, ‘Angadha Dhare’ are his novels. ‘Nerale Mara’ is a metaphorical story. Malagi, has elegantly translated and published books like ‘Boris Pasternak: Vachike’, ‘Neeli Kadala Hakki’, Sea Bird’ (stories), ‘Madanotsava’ (novel), ‘Sankathana’ (French Literature, Society, Culture, Literary Criticism), ‘Beauty of the Shore’ (French Stories) and Albert Camus (Reading for the young). He has also translated the poems from other languages to Kannada. His contribution to the Kannada literary world is immense and important.  

 He is currently working as an instructor at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. 

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