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Mudnakudu Chinnaswamy

Famous Kannada literary Mudnakudu Chinnaswamy is a poet who has influenced three generations. He has created many important works in association with Dalit revolutionary literature and has also involved himself in culture, social service and theatre. Although his main interest is poetry, he has worked in various genres of literature including stories, plays, translation editing and has published more than 38 books so far. 

‘Matte Male Baruva Munna’, ‘Nanondu Maravagiddare’, ‘Chappali mattu Nanu’, ‘Buddha Beladingalu’ are his major poetry collection.  ‘Mohana Deepa’ and ‘Papapragne’ are collection of short stories.  ‘Kendamandala’, ‘Bahurupi’ are Plays. His other important prose works include the philosophical writings, ‘Ondu Koda Halina Samara’, ‘Aparimitada Kattale’, ‘Bahutvada Bharata mattu Bouddha Tatvikate’. 

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