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Nataraj Honnavalli

Renowned stage director and playwright Nataraj Honnavalli has piloted in many new experiments in theatre. He was awarded the Karnataka Natak Academy Award for his service to the arts. He has translated the plays of world theatre giants like Breck and Chacko and others into Kannada. Lankesh’s Life, Sankara Mokashi Punekar’s Actor Narayani, Purnachandra Tejaswi’s Jugari Cross, Masti’s Subbanna have been adapted to stage. He is a successful director who brought a total of forty Kannada plays and forty short stories to the stage. After Neenasam stage education, he formed a professional theatre group called Protheo in Tipatur along with his friends. He is a theatre researcher, conducting Agricultural Theatre, Lab-like theatre experiments. He is trying to develop literature and theatre experiments beyond the boundaries of language. He has undertaken national stage tours. Presently he is the Principal of Sanehalli Shivakumar Ranga Pragya School. Dr. Shankar Mokashi Punekar’s Nata Narayani’s novel-based drama ‘Abhinava Brihannala vilaasa’ is directed by him along with the author H.V. Venugopal.

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