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Sabiha Bhoomigowda

Prof. Sabiha Bhumi Gowda has excelled in ten literary genres, including stories, poems, essays, and research. She has distinguished herself in teaching and administration, holding positions such as professor, researcher, director of a postgraduate center, Sahitya Academy member, president of the Coastal Writers’ Association, and chancellor of a women’s university. Known for her clear thinking and feminist perspective, she has published over 20 works, including ‘Bage’, ‘Chittara’, ‘Kannada Bhasha Pravesha’, ‘Nilume’, ‘Nudigavala’, ‘Kannada Women’s Sahitya Charitre’, ‘Leela Bai Kamat Baduku Bareha’, ‘Ondane Maleya Sahasi: Kutti Vasudeva Shenai’, ‘Saraswatibai Rajawade’s Selected Stories’, and ‘Navu mattu namma Environment’. 

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