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T N Seetharam

T.N. Sitaram -One of the most popular Kannada film and TV serial directors T.N. Sitaram is a lawyer by profession and Artist and a writer by passion. He was a writer in Lankesh Weekly and directed many films including ‘Kraurya’, ‘Dharanimandala Madhyadolage’, ‘Matadaana’, ‘Meera Madhava Raghava’, ‘Pallavi’ as a film director. He is also a successful director on television with ‘Mayamruga’, ‘Manvantara’, ‘Mukta’ which have changed the outlook of TV serials in Kannada. He has directed many other TV serials including ‘Malebillu’, ‘Kaleju Ranga’, ‘Mukhamukhi’, ‘Jwalamukhi’, ‘Mukta Mukta’, ‘Mahaparva’, ‘Magalu Janaki’ have fetched him huge recognition. In addition, he has created three plays namely ‘Nammolagobba Najukayya’, ‘Baduka Mannisu Prabhuve’ and ‘Aspota’. His autobiography ‘Nenapina Putgalu’ was published in 2023.
The film Matadaana won him the National Award for Best Regional Film at the 48th National Film Awards. He has also received many honours and awards for his significant achievements in the fields of literature and culture, including the Best Director Award for serial direction for ‘Mukta Mukta’.

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