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Veeranna Madivalar

Veeranna Madiwalar, a creative writer and teacher, made history as the first Kannadiga to win the Kendra Sahitya Academy Youth Award for his debut work. Alongside his literary achievements, he’s passionate about film and photography, showcasing his talents in a 2013 exhibition, ‘Songs of Silence’. Among his notable works are ‘Nelada Karuneya Dani’, ‘Ello Halagi Hogiddhane Vasantha’, ‘Veeranna Madiwalar’s Khanda Kavya’, and ‘Nagara Nungida Navilu’. Veeranna has received numerous honors, including Bendre Grantha Bahumana and Inchala Kavya Prashasti, for his outstanding contributions to both literature and academia. His poetry, translated into various languages, enjoys a wide readership. 

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